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Legal Notices & Disclaimers

Through the installation and use of this software by your organization, you are expressly agreeing to the following terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time at the sole discretion of DeRoyal Industries, Inc.


This software package and all associated documentation are copyrighted works protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. No portion of this manual or the software may be reproduced, copied or distributed without the express written consent of DeRoyal Industries, Inc. Copyright 2008, all rights reserved.


DeRoyal Industries, Inc. disclaims all warranties relating to this Manual and Software, including the WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Non-DeRoyal Inventory Management

As a service to our customers, DeRoyal has added the ability for customers to manage their inventory of products and supplies from companies other than DeRoyal Industries, Inc. All information regarding those products is entered by the user and DeRoyal Industries, Inc. disclaims all responsibility or liability for the accuracy of that information and the ability of the software to process that information in the same manner as the DeRoyal supplied product information.


DeRoyal Industries, Inc. disclaims to the fullest extent all liability arising from any failure of the software to operate as intended or expected. The software is provided as a value-added service to Talar Medical customers and DeRoyal takes all reasonable steps to insure that the software accurately and reliably will perform as intended. However, ultimately, the user is responsible to verify that the information generated by the software is accurate and activities supported by the software meet the user’s needs, since neither DeRoyal nor Talar Medical controls the day-to-day activities of the user in respect to the software.

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